Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Spacin' - Total Freedom (Ritchie Records/TestosterTunes 2016)

Spacin' are a six-piece from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who have just released their second LP Total Freedom through Richie Records on 15th January 2016.

Within the space of Total Freedom's eight tracks, Spacin' craft an extremely raw, yet understand, style of 60s/70s rock and psychedelia that avoids any of the flabby excess of both genres. For instance, take opener Over Uneasy. Clocking in at 8:47, the track's length could have easily resulted in it becoming stale and overwrought. Instead the sextet hit upon and descend deeper and deeper into a groove until it is firmly rooted in your head. All in all, Spacin' have expertly knit a stomper of a record.

Check out more of Spacin' below:

We'll be playing more of Spacin' on tomorrow's show, but for now you can check out a track from the band in our show from 16.12.2015

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