Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Why Have We Set Up This Site?

As some of you might know, Basement Scene is a weekly new music show on BCB 106.6FM that broadcasts from 8-9pm (GMT) every Wednesday. The ethos of the show is pretty simple: to support new and interesting DIY and independent music, and to do this in the most informative/least frivolous way possible, and for the most part it is an ethos we fulfill.

Yet there is always music that we want to support and promote that slips through the gaps due to the time constraints of only broadcasting once a week. So that's the reason we have up this page - to continue supporting and promoting the new DIY and independent music we love through another medium. However, this is not to say that music won't be featured on the show and the site or vice versa. We're lucky enough to have avenues with which to support things, and we're going to use both of them.

Our Twitter, Facebook and Mixcloud pages are the best place to keep up with any of our shenanigans, and you can find both of them below.

Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/basementscene
Twitter: @scene_basement
Facebook: www.facebook.com/basementscene106.6fm

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