Friday, 4 March 2016

Sheer Mag - III 7" (Wilsuns RC, 2016)

Sheer Mag are a five-piece based in Philadelphia who have just released their III EP via Wilsuns RC. Over the course of their previous two EPs,Sheer Mag have exhibited a knack for creating blistering, catchy,invigoratingly vital rock and roll, and their latest release is no different. Opener Can't Stop Fighting feels like it could blow a hole in the radio when it hasn't sounded good all week with it's call to arms refrain. In a way, this sums up why Sheer Mag's III EP is so brilliant - it is socially and politically conscious yet doesn't shy away from an earworm or, in other words,conscientious and catchy. Weighty and wonderful, Sheer Mag's III is definitely a record you should check out

Check out Sheer Mag's at their bandcamp


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