Thursday, 25 August 2016

Kamikaze Girls - Stitches (SAD EP, Bearded Punk Records/Wiretrap Records 2016)

Kamikaze Girls are Leeds/London duo consisting of Lucinda Livingstone (guitar,vocals) and Conor Dawson (drums) The pair are set to release their new SAD EP on 2nd September,via Bearded Punk Records (EU) and Wiretap Records (US), and the blisteringly beautiful Stitches is the latest single to be released from it.

From the glimmer of its Mercury Girls-esque guitar opening, to the rasp of Livinstone's vocals through to the steady and controlled power of Dawson's drumming, Stitches feels like the product of a band who has worked hard to hone their craft. All of this,combined with Livingstone's bittersweet lyrics that touch on the anxiety of feeling rooted in one location for too long, add up to Stitches being hugely powerful, deeply personal and incredibly affecting.

Kamikaze Girls' Sad EP is released on 2nd September via Bearded Punk Records (EU) and Wiretap Records (US)

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